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ETA: Although a new campaign has started, you can continue to give to this one and receive cards! See below.


Hi, my name is Colin McGuire. I recently started an initiative to create this website, Give and Keep Giving. I am hoping to spend the next few years doing everything I can to help important organizations. Last year I did a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and was able to raise $43,000! Please sign up to receive email updates on my efforts.

For March and April of 2023, I will be focusing on helping those who need a kidney transplant. I was inspired to do this after hearing my mom talk about her crafting friend, Andy Granick, who is in desperate need of a kidney. He is currently having to undergo dialysis three times a week and needs a kidney to save his life. My hope is that I can help him AND raise awareness for the other 100,000 people in our country waiting for a lifesaving kidney. (I will tell you more about Andy in the future!)

The waiting list for getting a kidney transplant from a deceased donor is typically 3-5 years but can be up to 10 years. Many people can’t wait that long. But here’s the thing – we all are born with TWO kidneys, and only need ONE. Donating a kidney to someone in need is giving the gift of life! And no worries – the recipient’s insurance covers the cost. 

So what can we do together?

I have FOUR ways that I am hoping you can join me in this effort to help:

  1. You can donate to Off The List… a wonderful non-profit that supports individuals on the kidney transplant list and helps them find living donors. 
  2. You can donate to Andy’s Help Hope Live. This site is a non-profit that collects  funds to help Andy with expenses associated with transplantation. (Goal: $10,000 – Goal has been reached!)
  3. You can help pass out brochures about Andy’s need. I would mail you a pack of brochures that you could pass out in your community to get the word out about being a living kidney donor. You can distribute these at your place of work, church, etc. This is a great way to help without any financial responsibility.  (Please be honest about your willingness to pass these out. These are funded by my family and we want to make the biggest impact we can with them! Brochures are limited.)
  4. And of course, I would LOVE if YOU considered being a living donor. You can find out more on how to do this HERE or Andy’s Facebook Group or call the transplant center Andy is registered with at 800-275-6401.

Since my mom has many great crafting friends, she said we could give gifts to some crafters:

  • Anyone who gives ANY amount to Off The List or Andy’s Help Hope Live (options 1 and 2) will be entered into a raffle to win handmade cards from my mom, crafty stickers, and huge boxes of stamps and dies! Some folks will even get a card made by Andy himself!
  • Anyone who donates $100+ to Get Off The List or Andy’s Help Hope Live (options 1 and 2) will get a handmade card made by my mom. I will be packing and sending these after the fundraiser closes. 
  • Anyone who commits to pass out 50+ brochures (option 3) will get a handmade card made by my mom.

If you are interested, you must do the following:

  • Make a donation to either Get Off The List or Andy’s Help Hope Live.
  • Take a screen shot of your donation including the amount (if over $100).
  • Email the screen shot to [email protected] along with your name and address. (This is the only way we can know you donated. If you would prefer, you can forward your donation email receipt.)
  • If you are interested in passing out brochures, please email us with the number of brochures you would like (minimum of 50) and your address.
  • (Please be patient as it takes time for my mom to make the cards and for me to send them.)

You will hear back from me to let you know we have received your email and entered you into the raffles. Please be patient as I have school, baseball, and Young Life, too.  After May 15, I will contact the winners from the raffle!

If you are a small business and would like to be involved, please reach out to me!

This campaign ends on May 15, 2023.

Please keep an eye on this website as I will be sharing videos from folks who are in need of a kidney, others who have donated, and a few who have been saved. 

Thank you so much. I know there are many horrific things happening in this world right now. Sending up prayers for all.

Colin, age 17.

34 thoughts on “Previous Campaign – Kidney Transplant Help!”

  1. Fonda Franciscone

    Well done!
    I am so impressed by your desire to serve those in need! May God bless every person who responds. And May He richly bless you for your service.

  2. God bless you Colin, and may you be very successful in this campaign for awareness of kidney transplants and to help Andy in finding a kidney and raising funds.

  3. Colin, your kindness and generosity is far beyond your years. This is such an important cause, and you’ve taken it on with such determination. Your composure on the video is also remarkable.

    Thank you so much. Love to your mom.

  4. Sandra Mullenix

    God bless you and your mom, Colin. Money and transplant donors are very needed. Lucky for me I still have my kidneys but my husband died after 7 weeks in intensive care and was receiving dialysis every day but one. They removed 2 liters of fluid each time which amounts to a lot. Unfortunately he died of a heart attack before getting a kidney. Bless all your efforts and those who donate.
    Sandy Mullenix

  5. Nancy Neisinger

    I don’t know if Andy knows about life after transplant but the meds he will be required to take for the rest of his long life can be very expensive. And he must stay on them or risk losing his transplant team support. At least that’s the deal for me! I’d encourage anyone to help him set up a fund. From a heart transplant recipient.

  6. Colin, I am so proud of you. I will take 50 brochures to pass out for this worthwhile cause. Thank you so much for being so kind.

    Jess Hansen

  7. Sara Luckhaupt

    This is an awesome cause, Colin! I hope you are able to help many of the people out there waiting and hoping for kidneys!

  8. I am thrilled to participate in your campaign for Andy. We will be celebrating the 13th anniversary of my husband’s liver transplant on April 16. What a terrific way to express our appreciation for those who are involved in this process of organ transplant in any way. As a CPA, I have a busy schedule for the next few weeks but will definitely follow up with ways I can help in your campaign as soon as my tax deadline is over. Between now and then, I can certainly be praying for Andy. Thank you, Colin.

  9. What a remarkable young man you are. I know your parents are so proud of you. We can use more young people in this country. God Bless!

  10. I woukd be interested in passing pit brochures pls. What a wonderful thing you are doing Colin. Wow
    Thank you
    Karlé xoxo

  11. I live in a 55+ community in the Tampa Bay Area. We just had a resident receive a much needed lung transplant so I’d be happy to pass out brochures. Let’s start with 50 and see how they are received. This is an amazing idea and I applaud your initiative! Best of luck!

  12. This is a great thing that you are doing. I pray Andy gets his kidney. I have a great grandbaby that was born with his kidneys & bladder not functioning. He has been put on the transplant list. He is 6 months old & has been in the hospital since he was born. He hopefully will get to come home this next week. There’s a gofundme for him on Facebook. I pray your campaign is successful. God bless you & your wonderful & crafty Mom!!!

  13. Helen Borrowman

    I’m 75 years old and was born with one kidney. I’ve lived a healthy happy life. I didn’t know that I only had one until I was 30 years old. I’ve had two children. I’m proof that you only need one kidney. Please donate!

  14. I would love to donate because my sister-in-law needed a kidney and I know how hard it is waiting and hoping for a match. She was able to get one through a kidney match program where someone she wasn’t a match with was willing to donate to someone so she could get one from someone else who was a match. But my husband was recently injured and we don’t know when he will be able to return to work so donating money isn’t possible at this time. I’d be willing to hand out brochures though but I’m in Canada so I’m not sure if that would be helpful to you. If it is helpful then I would take 100.

  15. Christina A Nelson

    I would love to pass out brochures please.

    50 count
    Christina Nelson
    2093 Navarone Dr
    Naperville Illinois 60565

  16. Cheering on your efforts Colin!! You come from a family of generous hearts!! Signing up for your email updates. Thanks for your great work.

  17. Bravo! This is a campaign dear to our hearts, the PKD gene has had an awful impact on our family. My brother is currently on the transplant list and my mother is in end stage renal failure. We have lost an aunt and cousin, and several more relatives are faced with this diagnosis. Thank you for bringing attention to those in need of a kidney!!

  18. I wish I could donate but I am at Stage 3 Kidney Disease myself, or I would greatly see if I was a match even though I have a very painful autoimmune disease called CRPS 2. My Dad had Kidney Disease too and had to go through dialysis too.
    I am a Crafty Friend too and am constantly in my craft room making cards and coming up with ideas too to help with my constant pain that I have to live with that attacked my kidney’s too.
    Could I send off some cards your way to help out that way?

  19. I’m sorry I can’t give to you right now. We live on a fixed income. I can pray that you reach your goal plus. God is still doing miracles.

  20. You go! Great focus on a huge need! My friend Susan T also needs a kidney and also the husband of my friend, Brenda. I will check all your options out! Bless you! Geri Lopker

  21. Carol L McCready

    Praying Andy gets his kidney. I was thinking I could pass out brochures at my next craft show and in the store where I share some of my crafts. I will check and see if it’s okay with the store owner and events coordinator.

  22. What an amazing thing you are doing to bring awareness to this worthy cause. You should feel proud but more importantly you are making a difference. God bless you and your family.

  23. Done! Thank you for bringing this important cause to our attention. May God bless you as you bring hope to others!

  24. Colin, what an amazing young man you are but I’m not surprised as your mom and dad and entire family are amazing. I will be donating and have already ordered several T-shirts to support Andy. I pray he gets a kidney very soon. I we will proudly wear the T-shirts to support him.

  25. What you do is so amazing! I also have got only one kidney since birth and I’m living well so far since 57 years. But I know, my rates are going down, as I’m diabetic and one day I will need a kidney, too. Our gouvernement should change the law, that every person who dies is a donator of organs as long as the donator (or dependents) not refuse explicit -like in Austria.
    I’m living in Germany and here we have to wait also 7 to 10 years for a kidney.
    God bless you!

  26. This is such a great endeavor that you have embarked upon. My brother-in-law has been waiting for a liver for at least a couple of years. He has been unsuccessful at finding a match. What you have said about the waiting period is so true.

  27. I’m so inspired by Colin’s efforts. I’ll check out all the options to learn how I could contribute to this great initiative! Thanks, Colin, for this amazing thing you do for people in need.

  28. Colin, we need more people like you that have a heart that is filled with love and compassion for others. I am honored to make a donation to this effort and as a retired healthcare worker the need for organs is critical. Education and awareness such as your campaign will make a difference and save a life!

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